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30 June 2008 @ 11:21 pm
Prose : Case #42631 (ongoing)  
Case #42631 (ongoing)
"Myfanawy and the Missing Sheep"
"How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Pterodactyl"

(Extra Note: Stop adding subtitles to every case, Ianto. - Jack)

Torchwood Employee: Harkness, Jack

Tell me, who goes out for a late night drive and ends up coming home with a prehistoric creature and a Pterodactyl? Apart from me, that is. So the stalker's come home with me, and it isn't just a one-night arrangement. Remember the stalker? Cute, welsh, jail-bait? (Wait, cancel the last one. I just checked his records again - he's older than he looks. Nice.) Anyway, he's not so bad if you give him a dinosaur and a bar of chocolate. Seems to know his stuff. I'm not sure if Torchwood Archives need to know this, but he's also exceptionally soft. I'm considering landing on him more often. He's like a pillow, you know, one of those feather ones? Kinda puffs out when you hit it, and goes back into shape when you leave it alone for a few minutes. Except he doesn't make me sneeze.

Where was I?

Ah, so I've finally found that new guard-dog I was looking for. New-boy named it. Myfanawy, it is. No, I'm not asking either. God help his future children if he ever becomes a father. But the weird thing seems to like him. He hasn't got close enough to touch her yet but hey, at least he didn't nearly lose an eye like Owen did. We'll keep her around and see what happens. If Ianto can't train it in a month, we'll send her back into the rift. If nothing else, us keeping her will help the sheep shortages in Cowbridge.

Reported dated, August 15th, 2006

A steady dripping, water from the tall tower in the centre of the hub falling to the floor, echoes throughout the hub. The man Jack had called Owen sits nursing a sprained wrist as another colleague, (Tosh, perhaps?) hovers nervously by her station, looking up at the shrieking sounds coming from above. Ianto holds the net high above his head, casting furtive glances at the closed office door of Jack's sanctuary. For a first month, it's been an interesting one. Ianto has seen more aliens and tech in the dingy bowels of the Torchwood Three hub than he's ever seen in Torchwood One, and the archives had been a delight to stumble across. Well, not so much stumble as be directed in a suggestive manner towards. Ianto can't complain too much. He'd have found the archives sooner or later, and Jack or no Jack, he still wouldn't have slept, knowing of the chaos and absence of colour-coded dividers.

Looking across at the final teammate, Suzie, Ianto nods towards the large creature flying above them and gestures for her to stand slightly ahead of him. She does so, eyeing him curiously, a bottle of a suspicious-looking substance grasped in her right hand.

"So you, uh, go there," he whispers, still pointing. "And I'll, uh..." He points upwards, jabbing his finger into the air as through pressing an invisible switch. He holds up three fingers suddenly. "On three?"

Suzie nods, he eyes flicking towards Owen who raises his hands in a defeated gesture and slinks back into the autopsy bay. Right. So, no support from the doctor. Ianto sighs. One down, two to go. Where is Jack, he thinks, just as he drops his third finger, and Suzie launches herself forward, armed with the bottle of whatever she's conjured up. The creature abruptly swoops down, soaring through the air with an eerie, crisp noise, like her wings are scissoring through the air. Ianto readies himself with the net, just in case things get out of hand.

He's delighted when the Pterodactyl lands in front of them, looking more curious than hungry. That's always good, thinks Ianto, because hungry is never good. Anything is better than hungry.

"Uh, hallo?" he tries, smiling widening when the Pterodactyl makes what could only be described as an encouraging noise. "Just need to, uh, check a few things. That okay with you?"

Suzie raises an eyebrow at him. Right, talking to animals; bad. First sign of madness, and all of that.

Boy, does Ianto know madness.

Ianto grins reassuringly, slightly unconvinced as to whether his expressions are entirely perfected when Suzie frowns at him.

"Got it! Suzie, ready when you are!"

Tosh skitters out of her hiding place, a large piece of meat dangling from the hinged-fork in her hands. Suzie goes to Tosh, squirting the contents of the bottle over the flesh, stepping back as Myfanawy turns, suddenly, mouth open to emit a harsh scream. Ianto reacts instinctively, grabbing the tongs from Tosh's hands and pushing her out of the way. He feels his body sway to the side with the weight of the animal as it latches onto its prey, large teeth tearing off strips of flesh even as Ianto continues to hold onto the large pincers.

"Suzie! Net! Now!"

Jack's voice cries out across the hub, alarm clear in it's harsh vowels. Clattering across the hub, Suzie dives for the net just as Myfanawy finishes the meat and begins to eye up Ianto. Ianto sees the net, realises they're too late, and does the only thing that comes to mind.


He can't work out if it's his anger (most of it's fear, but he tells Jack it's anger when they later discuss the situation,) or his expert way of handling animals, but the Pterodactyl backs away slowly, beating it's wings against it's large, leathery body, curiously twitching it's head from side to side. For all Ianto knows, it could be genuine confusion on the animals face; that's the expression that rings clear on the face of his comrades as they stare disbelieving at him.

"That'll be quite enough of that, thank you," he says, running a hand through his hair, straightening his jacket with one hand as he struggles to not shake with fear. "Up to your nest. Now."

Myfanawy regards him one last time, before her wings unfurl their massive length, and she disappears into the darkness of the tunnels above the Torchwood hub.

"Raptors in the rafters," chuckles Jack, shrugging when Ianto gives him the evil eye. "Just sayin'."

The rest of the team stare transfixed as Ianto shakily sits down, clutching his chest as though his heart's about to give out. Even Owen emerges from the autopsy bay, wiping his hands on an old towel, his face a picture of vague shock.

"Welcome to the team, new boy," he says, coming over to clap Ianto on the shoulder. Ianto blushes, embarrassed, the redness of his cheeks not improving when he sees Suzie and Tosh beaming at him.

"Nice job, Jones," calls Jack, climbing the steps back up to his office. "You this good with all wild animals? May you forever live to capture prehistoric dinosaurs on our behalf."

"Yeah," Ianto replies to no one in particular, wiping the dinosaur spit off his fingers and onto his neatly pressed trousers. He narrows his eyes, looking up towards the dark shadow of Myfanawy settling into her nest for the night. Looking back down again, Ianto ruffles his hair one final time and stands. "Anyone for coffee?"

Farmers in the area of Barry have recently been complaining of missing livestock and, after an enquiry this week, it would seem that the animals are being taken by none other than our very own South-Waleian panther. Familiar with the beast of Bodmin Moor, it's no surprise that this latest attack is due to wild predators. Gethin Hughes, 56, said "I woke up in the morning, went to get the sheep in, and there were three of them, dead as you like. Another two were taken from down the road. It's a wonder no one has been hurt." The story grows curiouser with ongoing suggestions of a flying beast above the farmland near Barry and Cowbridge.

South Wales Echo, February 18th, 2007
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Bob the Molebobthemole on July 1st, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)

*Hugs you*

Michou: Places - London - Orangevirginhuntress on September 19th, 2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
Horray update!

Hope to see more soon!
pinkfairy727pinkfairy727 on January 11th, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
What time is it? What day is it? OMG! Have I really been here for four hours?!

I can't believe I've just sat and read through every single entry. I was hooked from the first one. I need to go get some sleep now.

Oh! And I'm watching the comm for updates, though I realise this hasn't been updated in a while.
this is my story; this is my songinsevens on January 11th, 2009 12:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm hoping to do an update soon, when life is a bit less hectic. There's a whole second season to cover! :D
screaming cardiac frenzy of berserk despair: stock // mailacchikocchi on January 15th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Just finished marathoning the first and second seasons of Torchwood a few days ago and went straight for the fanfic, which of course led to marathoning all the entries here today. ;) I love this sort of project, with the epistolary component and all the documents and photographs and everything, so this was such a treat to read! And as a previous commenter said, nicely done with the balance between the Jack/Ianto moments and the rest of Torchwood life. No pressure but hope to see more some day. :D
Rosalie: nejenny_gwen on March 31st, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
Ì only just discovered this,and I already love it! Please update soon; I can't wait to see more = D