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inthesestones's Journal

In These Stones, Horizons Sing
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The Receptionist
Ianto Jones: Receptionist and coffee-maker extraordinaire. And so the conversation went, one blustery November day, that one should be made to keep all records of the conversations of the Torchwood crew due to the bizarre topics that arose. Naturally one Ianto Jones decided to take Owen Harper's suggestions to heart and out of it was born In These Stones; The Memoirs of Ianto Jones.
Note to Crew
For reference purposes I have devised a system that will organise past conversations in an easy to use fashion. Emails, TIM conversations, Letters and Memos can now be found here. Any other miscellanous items can be found here. Owen? Make any comment about my filing systems and you will be without milk and sugar for a week.
The characters of Torchwood in no way belong to me. This is purely a fan-made journal for my own twisted pleasure. And Ianto's. All characters and main storylines belong to the BBC and the lovely Mr. Russell T Davies.

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